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Academic Support

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We're here for you. 

We know that every student has their own way of engaging with academic content, absorbing material, and reaching their own potential. At Branson, we have support systems in place that help facilitate a range of learning styles. We are committed to working with students to meet their individual needs. Below are a few of the services we offer to assist students with their academics.

The Rand Learning Center

Students with diagnosed learning differences or who are looking for more targeted support with their organizational skills will find resources and guidance at the Rand Learning Center. 

Students can meet with our Learning Specialist to receive support with identified areas such as organization, time management, study skills, self-advocacy, and assistive technology tools. We also work closely with our Mental Health Counseling office to provide full support for students. Each year, we put together a curated list of resources to assist students with learning and study habits. 

In the Rand Center, we also assist students with the implementation of approved accommodations, such as extended time for in-school assessments, and help students apply for standardized test accommodations. 

While the Rand Center staff does not perform official evaluations, we can offer referrals to independent professionals for families seeking formal educational evaluations.

Accommodations Offered

Typical accommodations at Branson might include 50% extended time on assessments and/or use of technology (computer and/or calculator) in class and during exams. We provide accommodations that are based on a professional evaluation in conjunction with consultation with the student and their family.

Meet the Academic Support Team

Suzanne Fransen

Suzanne Fransen

Rand Center Assistant, SSD Coordinator
Annie Morris

Annie Morris

Rand Center Learning Support Coordinator/Advisor
Catherine Pedneault

Catherine Pedneault

Programming and Operations Coordinator
Jeff Symonds

Jeff Symonds

Director of Studies, English Teacher

Student Support

Learn how we support students beyond Academics.

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Academic Support at Branson Includes

1:1 Teacher Meetings: Need a little extra help understanding a concept? Have a question about what you’re learning? Have a cool idea for a project you want to chat about? Branson teachers are here and happy to meet with you, before or after class, at lunch, or during scheduled office hours.

Advisory: Beginning freshman year, your faculty/staff advisor will be your guide to talk through academic, personal, or community challenges and your advocate. Weekly meetings in groups of 8-10 students hold space for important community conversations and fun too!

Class Deans: Each class dean supports students’ holistic development through academic and co-curricular pursuits, both in and out of the classroom.

Peer-to-peer Tutoring: Branson’s student-run Peer Tutoring Club helps facilitate tutoring between students who feel confident in their course knowledge and students of any grade level who are looking for more support and help at Branson. Peer Tutoring not only works to create academic relationships, but also hopes to build more communication and connections across grade-levels and social circles

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